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  • psychology school trip to London
    Visit the Freud Museum on a psychology school trip to London.
  • health & social care school trip to Budapest
    Learn more about Budapest's thriving health care industry on a school trip to the Hungarian capital.
  • psychology / sociology / health & social care school trip to New York
    The 9/11 Memorial in New York.
  • psychology / sociology / health & social care school trip to London
    The Clink Prison Museum makes for an interesting visit on a school trip to London.
  • psychology / sociology / health & social care school trip
    Organise your psychology / sociology / heath & social care school trip through Broadway Tours.

Tim Knight provided excellent support throughout the planning stage, organizing everything we asked for and responding to changes to the planned itinerary. The freedom to devise the trip exactly as I wished was greatly appreciated. Tim showed great patience when dealing with unexpected problems. RG, University of Winchester

The study of the mind and body, health and wellbeing is a fascinating one, particularly as we cope with the demands of an ever-changing society. Whether you’re looking at the social, economic, religious, psychological, physical or environmental factors that impact the sense of self and personal development, exploring the wider world can have enormous educational value.

London offers a number of interesting visits, whether you’re exploring human biology or gaining a greater understanding of the human psyche. Vienna meanwhile is a natural candidate for those looking to undertake a Psychology-centred school trip.

New York meanwhile is a fabulous venue for delving deeper into the cultural and environmental influences on society, looking at the impact of immigration, religious diversity and the effects of 9/11. If your focus is more health related, with its reputation as a leading centre for wellness, its cosmetic industry and its history thermal waters, Budapest caters equally well for both general interest and subject-specific school trips.

Suggested Psychology / Sociology / Health & Social Care School Trip Itineraries

If you’re looking to concentrate on one principal city or region to really bring the subjects of Psychology, Sociology or Health & Social Care to life, we can design a bespoke itinerary to suit not only your particular subject focus, but also your budget.

Equally, if you’d prefer a balance of specialist subject matter, coupled with the opportunity to see some of the city’s principal attractions (or simply have a bit of fun), we’ve got a wealth of tried and tested ideas to create the perfect, educationally-rich itinerary, all the while carving out a notch of all-important leisure time.

If you’ve got a Psychology / Sociology / Health & Social Care school trip in mind, or you don’t see quite what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirements and we’ll do our level best to exceed your expectations.



Szechenyi_Baths_and_Pool_Budapest (c) Petr Vilgus - smallA city with a rich and varied history stretching back to Roman times, Budapest also offers a fantastic range of sights to suit all interests. Beyond its cultural delights, it’s also a fascinating destination for a Health & Social Care school trip, with the Hungarian capital renowned for its cosmetic and wellness tourism, thermal spas and thriving healthcare industry.

New York

9-11_memorial_nycgo.com_marley_white_smallThere’s nowhere quite like New York, probably the most exhilarating and cosmopolitan city in the world. From its breathtaking skyline to the vibrant atmosphere on the streets, the Big Apple never ceases to amaze. With landmarks such as the 9/11 memorial and Ellis Island’s Immigration Museum, a Psychology and Sociology trip to New York is an inspired choice!


640px-Sigmund_Freud_(c) SImon HarriyottWith its centuries of history, distinctive landmarks and a wealth of museums, London is a longstanding favourite amongst school groups. From a visit to the Freud and Clink Prison Museums and the Human Biology exhibit at the Natural History Museum to the Bethlem Museum of the Mind or the Wellcome Collection, there’s plenty to inspire Psychology students.


Vienna’s wide-ranging historical diversity and cultural heritage makes it an ideal destination for educational tours. For those seeking a Psychology-centred school trip, there’s no better venue than Vienna, with its close links to Sigmund Freud and eponymous museum. Explore, too, the museum devoted to Viktor Frankl, founder of the Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy.

Psychology / sociology / health & social care school trip images courtesy of visitlondonimages, britainonview,  Simon Harriyott,, Marley White, Siesta.

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