• history school trip to Normandy
    The Bayeux Tapestry, one of many interesting visits on a history school trip to Normandy.
  • history school trip to Ypres
    Tyne Cot Cemetery & Memorial near Ypres, the largest Commonwealth military cemetery worldwide.
  • history school trip to Berlin
    Checkpoint Charlie, a pre-requisite on any history school trip to Berlin.
  • history school trip to London
    The Tower of London, a natural addition to a history school trip to the capital.
  • history school trip to Rome
    Any classics or history school trip to Rome should include a tour of the Roman Forum.

All the tours / excursions went very well. We visited all of the sights we wanted to see and especially those related to the A-Level History syllabus… Wonderful tour; every aspect of the trip was fantastic. JM, Chigwell School

From the ancient cities of Athens and Rome to the battlefields of World Wars I and II, Europe is awash with historical treasures. Whether you’re viewing centuries-old relics in the British Museum of London or the Pergamon Museum of Berlin, or exploring sites and monuments that played pivotal roles in ancient and more recent history, see the past come to life before your students’ very eyes.

Cover World War II with a journey of remembrance to the Normandy Landing Beaches and Pegasus Bridge? Learn more about the persecution of the Jews in Krakow and Vienna. Find out about the Great Fire of London with a trip to Pudding Lane and The Monument, see remnants of the Cold War in Berlin, or follow the American Civil Rights Movement in Atlanta and Alabama.

What a memorable and rewarding way to bring the lessons of the past into the present.

Suggested History School Trip Itineraries

Whether you’re looking to concentrate on one principal city or region or are looking to combine two destinations (Rome and Florence, for example) to really bring the subject of History to life, we can design a bespoke itinerary to suit not only your particular subject focus, but also your budget.

Equally, if you’d prefer a balance of specialist, historical subject matter, coupled with the opportunity to see some of the city’s principal attractions (or simply have a bit of fun), we’ve got a wealth of tried and tested ideas to create the perfect, educationally-rich itinerary, all the while carving out a notch of all-important leisure time.

If you’ve got a History school trip in mind, or you don’t see quite what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirements and we’ll do our level best to exceed your expectations.

Amsterdam & Dutch Coast

Canal Amsterdam - small 2Amsterdam is an essential ingredient on any educational tour of the Netherlands. The Dutch capital offers a wealth of sightseeing opportunities, from world-famous museums and art collections, poignant reminders of the wartime experience to a vibrant, cosmopolitan culture. Visits to Anne Frank Huis and the Dutch Resistance Museum are particularly recommended.

Atlanta & Alabama

Capital of the US state of Georgia, Atlanta has played a central role in American history, from its destruction during the Civil War to its pivotal position as the home of the Civil Rights Movement. Heading over the border into Alabama meanwhile, discover the importance of towns and cities such as Montgomery, Selma and Birmingham in shaping American civil rights in the 1950s and 1960s.


(c) Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum - smallBoston promises a diverse and fascinating experience for any visitor. One of the oldest cities in the United States, this is a city rich in history, culture, architecture and academia. It has nonetheless evolved into an important commercial centre, all the while retaining its strong architectural heritage, elite universities and prominent cultural institutions.


Castle YardA city with a rich and varied history stretching back to Roman times, Budapest offers a fantastic range of sights to suit all interests. Despite a tumultuous past, including Mongol invasions, World War sieges and Soviet revolutions, Hungary’s capital is home to some beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Castle District and Heroes’ Square.


Great Wall - smallWith a surface area of over 9.6 million square kilometres and 5,000 years of uninterrupted civilisation, China is a country where diversity, like the spectacular land itself, is epic in scale. Whether you opt to take in the historical and political might of Beijng, cruise the Yangtze River or walk a section of the Great Wall, we can design a bespoke itinerary paying homage to China’s rich heritage.


Copenhagen school tripCopenhagen boasts a long-established reputation for cultural design and culinary greatness. Yet whilst its contemporary credentials form a substantial part of the city’s present-day make up, Copenhagen has its origins in the 10th century when it was once a Viking fishing village. To this end, the city retains a traditional and colourful charm, making it a popular tourist destination.


Edinburgh Castle (c) Visit Britain, Pawel Libera - smallCapital of Scotland and famous for its annual festival, Edinburgh is a monumental melting pot of historic, symbolic and iconic sights. Be sure to visit Edinburgh Castle, set atop Castle Rock from where Mary Queen of Scots once surveyed her kingdom, wander down the famous cobbles of the Royal Mile and visit the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen’s official Scottish home.


CathedraleStPierre©GeneveTourisme-8Set on the shores of Lake Geneva, Geneva is Switzerland’s second largest city and is renowned not only as a centre for finance and the birthplace of watchmaking, but also as the worldwide capital of peace and diplomacy. Beyond the big institutions, the historic Old Town and the pristine lake make Geneva a most attractive destination for a History school trip.


mncdg-smallBirthplace of Charles de Gaulle, this is a delightful French city where the influence of its many rulers – the Flemish, the Hapsburgs, the King of Spain among others – down the centuries can be seen. Through its narrow winding streets to its elegant squares and traditional Flemish architecture, there is something to interest all subject areas. It’s easily accessible from Calais or via Eurostar.


PuertaDelSol - smallBecoming Spain’s capital city during the Habsburg era in 1561, Madrid is located right in the very heart of Spain and is a vibrant and exciting city which is easy to explore. Magnificent palaces, wide, tree-lined boulevards and the maze of picturesque streets in the Old Town, together with a fascinating ancestry and rich cultural heritage, make this an ideal destination for a History school trip.


Altes Rathaus (c) Richard Huber - smallCapital of Bavaria, Munich is Germany’s third-largest city boasting centuries-old tradition and modern-day technology. Birthplace of National Socialism and the centre of the Nazi movement in the early 1900s, Munich’s history is a fascinating one and thus the city offers a wealth of interesting, educationally-rich visit options eminently suitable for school groups.


Bayeux Tapestry - smallNormandy is one of the best known areas of France and certainly one of the most popular, not least because of its easy accessibility from the UK and its fascinating history. With its varied and contrasting landscapes and an array of exciting and educational places to visit, Normandy makes for the perfect destination for both special and general interest tours alike.


Arc de Triomphe (c) Jarry Tripelon, CRT Paris Ile-de-FranceOne of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Paris effortlessly combines grand neoclassical buildings, glorious monuments and a never-ending selection of museums and attractions that delight even the most seasoned traveller. Whatever the age, whatever the subject, Paris caters for all. And of course, the opportunity to practise those language skills comes at every turn.

Rhine & Moselle

Rhine harbours - smallThe Rhine region has long attracted visitors from all walks of life who have marvelled at its beauty, from Byron, Turner and Mark Twain to Queen Victoria. The Moselle meanwhile flows through charming towns and villages, and past vineyards, ruins and romantic fairytale castles, to create an unforgettable picture and an ideal setting for a History school trip.

Seville, Granada & Andalucía

Andalusia school tripAbundant in history, culture and stunning natural landscapes, there’s certainly no shortage of options when it comes to planning a school trip to Andalucía. Perhaps the greatest difficulty is choosing from the region’s rich menu of Moorish delights. Alongside Granada and Seville, be sure to visit the city of Córdoba, a melting pot of religious heritage, architecture and influences.


River Avon - smallBirthplace of the nation’s famous bard, William Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon conjures up images of a bygone age. Set on the River Avon, this bustling medieval market town, dating back over 800 years, is an attractive and atmospheric place to explore. Visit key sites including Shakespeare’s birthplace, New Place, and Anne Hathaway’s Cottage and Gardens.

Venice & Lido de Jesolo

Grand_Canal_VeniceBalanced on pinewood stilts, with tranquil canals and labyrinthine alleyways criss-crossing the city, Venice is truly unique and the most magical of destinations for school groups to experience. One of the greatest art capitals of the world, Venice is a natural candidate for students of History, Art and Design, but it’s also the perfect place for putting language skills into practice.

Washington DC

Washington DC school tripThe nerve centre of American politics, a tour of the US capital provides a fascinating insight into centuries of US political history. Beyond the must-see landmarks of Capitol Hill, the Lincoln Memorial and the White House, why not include visits to the Museums of American History, the American Indian and African American History and Culture, or the National Archives.


Flanders Fields © Westtoer apb - smallSynonymous with its role in the Great War, Ypres (or Ieper as it’s known in Flemish) came under Allied control in 1914 and witnessed some five million British and Commonwealth soldiers pass through on their way to the bloody battles of the Salient. Although reduced to rubble by German bombardment, the town rose from its ashes and has since been fully restored to its former glory.


Acropolis - smallArguably the cradle of Western civilisation and named after the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena, Athens has many important historical sites from the awe-inspiring Acropolis to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, as well as countless treasures in the city’s National Archaeological Museum. Fire your students’ imagination on an exhilarating History school trip to the Greek capital.


Checkpoint Charlie © visitBerlin, Photo Gunter SteffenBerlin is the place to visit to bring many of the issues of modern history to life. Popular landmarks such as the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the remaining stretches of the Berlin Wall, the Jewish Museum and Museum Island, not to mention the contemporary feel of the city, combine to make the German capital a great host city for a History school trip.


Grand Place (c) www.visitbrussels.be - smallBrussels is a fabulous city where centuries-old, traditional Flemish architecture goes hand in hand with an abundance of Art Nouveau and space-age structures. Yet amidst the beautiful buildings and political institutions, there’s no shortage of interesting visits for school groups across all subject areas, from History and Politics to Art, Fashion and Food Technology.


Cardiff Castle (c) Visit CardiffThe Welsh capital, Cardiff is a proud city with a strong national identity and any visit here should include Cardiff Castle, dating back over 2,000 years. Other popular attractions on a History school trip include the National History Museum, detailing the history of Welsh art and the evolution of Wales. North of Cardiff meanwhile, you’ve got the Big Pit National Mining Museum.


Rhine & Moselle school tripStraddling the Rhine River in the west of the country, Cologne may only be the fourth largest of Germany’s cities, but it’s also the oldest with a history dating back to Roman times. Dominated by its formidable cathedral, one of the world’s largest, Cologne offers an interesting mix of history, culture, commerce and carnival and is a very attractive destination for school groups.


National Museum of IrelandA hop and a skip across the Irish Sea, Dublin is a treasure trove of historical and literary delights. Trace a path through the main events of Irish history such as the creation of the Irish Free State and the Easter Rising and discover the Emerald Isle’s influence on the literary world through the likes of James Joyce, Oscar Wilde and W.B. Yeats.


Florence Panorama - smallBirthplace of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, not to mention the dynamic centre of the Italian Renaissance, the influence of Florence’s forefathers can be seen in abundance throughout this well-preserved and thoroughly beautiful city. Why not use the opportunity to explore Tuscany in a bit more detail, visiting perhaps the beautiful towns and cities of Siena and San Gimignano.


Auschwitz 1-smallFor centuries, Krakow was the capital of Poland leading to the richest of cultural heritages and, having escaped destruction during World War II, Krakow has retained its historic charm and character. No trip to Krakow is complete without visiting the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps or the Wieliczka Salt Mines, dating back to the Middle Ages.


20819VLWith its distinctive landmarks and architectural diversity, its centuries of history and a wealth of museums and cultural institutions, London is a longstanding favourite amongst school groups. Indeed, the vast range of attractions available ensures that our educational tours to the British capital are expertly designed to suit every academic age, ability and interest.

Moscow & St Petersburg

Moscow Palace - smallRich in cultural heritage and awe-inspiring architecture, it’s little wonder that Moscow and St Petersburg are regarded as two of Europe’s greatest cities. Any trip to Moscow should naturally include the treasures of Red Square and Pushkin State Museum whilst in St Petersburg, take time to visit the city’s many cathedrals, State Hermitage Museum and Peter and Paul Fortress.

New York

StatueOfLiberty (c) www.nycgo.com - Marley WhiteThere’s nowhere quite like New York, probably the most exhilarating and cosmopolitan city in the world. From its breathtaking skyline to the vibrant atmosphere on the streets, the Big Apple never ceases to amaze. If you are interested in the political or social history of New York and the United States, we can design a tailor-made tour just for you.

Opal Coast

La Coupole - smallIt is not just the short and easy journey from the UK which makes the Opal Coast one of the most popular destinations for school groups. Stretching from the Belgian border to the Somme estuary, students will experience a different language, culture and cuisine, in addition to having the opportunity to visit a host of places of great interest and educational value.


Old Town Square - smallOne of the most beautiful and best-preserved medieval cities in Europe – the City of a Hundred Spires – Prague is unique in being largely undamaged by the ravages of World War II. Set against the Vltava River and replete with its cathedral, castles and churches, Prague is also an important cultural centre, having inspired centuries of musicians and writers from Mozart to Kafka.


Roman Forum - small (c) Fototeca ENIT Vito ArcomanoWhere else but the Italian capital could you find such an abundance of awe-inspiring art, architecture, ancient history and cosmopolitan culture? For centuries the centre of Western civilisation, the capital of the Roman Empire and Catholicism, Rome is a veritable treasure trove of sights and delights boasting immeasurable educational value for students of all ages.


Trenches-at-Beaumont-Hamel_Libre-de-droits-smallSituated amidst the beautiful landscapes of Picardy, the many battlefields, cemeteries and memorials of the Somme pay tribute to the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who lost their lives here. What better time to educate the next generation and commemorate one of the largest battles of World War I, all the while immersing your students in the French language.


rocca-al-mare vabaõhumuuseum 28.05.2005One of the oldest capital cities in Northern Europe, nestled on the southern shores of Gulf of Finland, Tallinn has fallen under the control of a number of different entities throughout its tumultuous history. The resulting shifting nature of its past makes the city a melting pot of cultures, a popular tourist destination and an ideal place for an educational visit.


Vienna’s wide-ranging historical diversity and cultural heritage makes it an ideal destination for educational tours. Those interested in World War II history should explore Vienna’s Jewish heritage including the district of Leopoldstadt, the Jewish and Judenplatz Museums, the Holocaust Memorial and the Archives of the Austrian Resistance.


Exterior view of York Minster.A charming medieval city, York offers a wealth of attractions for school groups. In addition to York Minster and the lovely Tudor architecture and cobbles of the Shambles, other visits could include the Jorvik Viking Centre, an interactive reconstruction of the Viking settlement once here, and the National Railway Museum, offering a 300-year locomotive history.

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