• classics school trip to the Bay of Naples
    One of our groups exploring Paestum on a classics school trip to Rome and the Bay of Naples.
  • classics school trip to Athens
    Athen's mighty Acropolis, a classics pre-requisite.
  • classics school trip to Rome
    Rome's Colosseum is a must on a classics school trip to the Italian capital.
  • Athens school trip
    The ancient sites of Greece provide excellent educational context on a classics school trip.
  • classics school trip to Sicily
    See the ancient Greek ruins of Agrigento, Selinunte and Segesta on a classics school trip to Sicily.

Great visit to Paestum, sketched the temples and counted pillars! Boys really enjoyed it. SC, St Martin's School

The legends of Greek mythology and the might of the Roman Empire have, since time immemorial, played an indelible part in shaping the history and culture of Europe as we know it today. And what better way to bring centuries-old civilisations to life with a visit to one of the ancient cities?

Rome is awash with ancient monuments and relics, from the mighty Colosseum to the Circus Maximus. The Bay of Naples meanwhile boasts a wealth of ancient treasures, Paestum and Pompeii amongst them. And as for Sicily, there’s no shortage of ancient artefacts dating back to the Romans and ancient Greeks. Equally, pay homage to Homer and the Greek Gods in Athens, cradle of Western civilisation, or consider the Roman city of Tarragona as a day trip from Barcelona.

Closer to home meanwhile, London offers an excellent introduction to the Classics whilst destinations such as Bath, Cirencester, Chester, St Albans and Hadrian’s Wall also provide a fascinating insight into ancient history.

Suggested Classics School Trip Itineraries

Whether you’re looking to concentrate on one principal city or region or are looking to combine two destinations (Rome and Bay of Naples, for example) to really bring the subject of the Classics to life, we can design a bespoke itinerary to suit not only your particular subject focus, but also your budget.

Equally, if you’d prefer a balance of specialist, classical subject matter, coupled with the opportunity to see some of the city’s principal attractions (or simply have a bit of fun), we’ve got a wealth of tried and tested ideas to create the perfect, educationally-rich itinerary, all the while carving out a notch of all-important leisure time.

If you’ve got a Classics school trip in mind, or you don’t see quite what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirements and we’ll do our level best to exceed your expectations.



Acropolis - smallArguably the cradle of Western civilisation and named after the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena, Athens has many important historical sites from the awe-inspiring Acropolis to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, as well as countless treasures in the city’s National Archaeological Museum. Fire your students’ imagination on an exhilarating classics school trip to the Greek capital.

Bay of Naples

Paestum © Fototeca ENIT Vito Arcomano - smallPut together, the Bay of Naples and Sorrento peninsula are simply one of the most stunningly beautiful corners of Europe, having attracted visitors in their masses for centuries. This spectacular and rocky coastline has an abundance of archaeological and geological treasures, the perfect components for a geography, Italian language or Classics school trip.


Colosseum Trevi Fountain (c) Fototeca ENIT Vito Arcomano - smallWhere else but the Italian capital could you find such an abundance of awe-inspiring art, architecture, ancient history and cosmopolitan culture? For centuries the centre of Western civilisation, the capital of the Roman Empire and Catholicism, Rome is a veritable treasure trove of sights and delights boasting immeasurable educational value for students of all ages.


VE20063If you’re looking for a Classics trip a little closer to home, why not consider a tour of the famous baths of Bath, St Albans’ Verulamium Museum or the Roman heritage of Cirencester? Alternatively, plan an overnight stay and explore the many fascinating sites along Hadrian’s Wall, where visits to Vindolanda, the Segedunum and Housesteads Roman Forts bring ancient history to life.

Barcelona & Catalonia

Tarragona copyright Imagen MAS - smallCatalonia boasts a treasure trove of classical sights and delights, from the ancient Roman city of Tarragona, once the capital of Rome’s eastern Iberian province, with its amphitheatre and aqueduct, to the Greco-Roman town of Empúries, situated on the Costa Brava. Couple this with the must-see sights of Barcelona and you have all the makings of a perfect Classics school trip!


British Museum (c) visitlondon, britainonviewWith its distinctive landmarks and architectural diversity, its centuries of history and a wealth of museums and cultural institutions, London is a longstanding favourite amongst school groups. For those studying the Classics, be sure to visit the British Museum, the Museum of London or even the London Roman Amphitheatre, situated under the Guildhall Art Gallery.


Agrigento (c) Fototeca ENIT - smallEurope’s largest island, Sicily is a veritable melting pot of delights, be they archaeological treasures or fascinating wonders of the natural world. From Piazza Armerina’s Roman mosaics to the ancient Greek ruins of Agrigento, Selinunte and Segesta, Sicily offers no shortage of educational opportunities, particularly for those studying the Classics.

Classics school trip images courtesy of Fototeca ENIT, Vito Arcomano, visitlondonimages, britainonview, Imagen M.A.S., VisitEngland, Hadrian’s Wall County, Roger Clegg.

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