• Tallinn school trip
    With its diverse mix of cultures and influences, Tallinn makes for a fascinating school trip destination.
  • Tallinn school trip
    The Estonian Open-Air Museum is a great way to learn more about Estonia's heritage.
  • Tallinn school trip
    Visit the Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral on a Tallinn school trip.
  • Tallinn school trip
    Tallinn's Freedom Square, where you'll find the War of Independence Victory Column.
  • Tallinn school trip
    Art students should visit the extensive collection of works at Kadriorg Palace, built for Tsar Peter I.

The communication process is excellent and nothing ever seems too much trouble. The guide was very knowledgeable and understood the needs of students. Tallinn is a fantastic location that is very safe. Thank you – everything was perfect.KL, Cirencester College

One of the oldest capital cities in Northern Europe, the Baltic city of Tallinn has grown in popularity over recent years as a tourist destination. Nestled on the southern shores of Gulf of Finland, Tallinn has fallen under the control of a number of different entities throughout its history, and the shifting nature of its past makes the city a melting pot of cultures and an ideal place for an educational visit.

Since the restoration of Estonian independence in 1991, Tallinn has become a leading player in the international technology sector, whilst still retaining the unique atmospheric charm of areas like the Old Town. The wide variety of cultural influences, coupled with the striking contrast between old and new, makes Tallinn an ideal match for educational visits.

Typical Accommodation

Please contact us for further information about the various accommodation options available in Tallinn and we will be happy to advise you on the best accommodation to suit your group.

Tallinn School Trip – Subject Suitability

Travel Options

  • By air from London or selected regional airports direct to Tallinn.

Each trip is tailor-made to suit individual group requirements; however, here is an idea of a possible itinerary for a Tallinn school trip:

Sample Itinerary – 4 Days by Air

Day 1 – Departing school, transfer to the airport for your direct flight to Tallinn. On arrival, transfer to the hotel for a three-night, half-board stay.

Day 2 – Start your morning with a guided tour of Tallinn, seeing all of the city’s main sights including the Old Town, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Toompea Hill.

The remainder of the day can be filled with excursions of your choice to suit your group’s subject focus. You might like to learn about Tallinn’s fascinating History with a visit to the Estonian History or Occupation Museums. Equally, why not indulge in some Art appreciation with a look around the Kumu Art Museum or Kadriorg Palace.

Day 3 – Head out of the city to the Estonian Open-Air Museum where you’ll learn about the history of Estonia from a rural perspective and traditional farming activities as well as enjoying horse and carriage rides and exploring the wooden houses and windmills. Tallinn’s Zoo and the FK Centre (go karting and paintballing) are also located close by should you wish to combine your visit.

Alternatively, you could take an early-morning ferry across the Gulf of Finland and spend the day exploring the sights and delights of the Finnish capital, Helsinki (ferry crossing takes two hours).

Day 4 – An opportunity for some last-minute sightseeing or shopping before returning to the airport and flying back to the UK.

Popular Visits & Excursions

Old Town – A ‘mini-Prague’, Tallinn boasts one of the best preserved old towns in Europe, with narrow streets, cobbled streets, secluded courtyards and some gorgeous buildings stretching back to Hanseatic times. Many of the historic city walls and guard towers still stand to this day.
Town Hall – Set in the heart of the Old Town and completed in 1404, this is the only surviving Gothic town hall (Raekoda) in northern Europe.
St. Olav’s Church & Tower – Once the tallest building in the world, dedicated to King Olaf II of Norway. At certain times of the year, visitors can climb the tower to enjoy magnificent views of the Old Town, Toompea Hill and the Port area.
Toompea Hill – Long regarded as the birthplace of Tallinn since the Knights of the Sword constructed their fortress here in the early 1200s, today Toompea Hill is the seat of the Estonian government and offers fabulous views over the city. You ‘ll find Estonia’s oldest church, the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin (also known as Dome Church), as well as the Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral situated here.
Bastion Passages – Head underground and explore the subterranean defensive tunnels built beneath Toompea Hill during Swedish rule in the 1670s and used as a bomb shelter during World War II.
Kiek in de Kök – Translated as ‘peep into the kitchen’, so-named because soldiers were able to peer into the kitchens of the Lower Town houses from here, this 15th-century cannon tower still has nine cannonballs embedded in its walls. Today it’s a museum dedicated to the history of Tallinn’s fortifications, medieval firepower, crime and punishment.
Tallinn TV Tower – Built in 1980 to provide better communications for the Moscow Olympics, the city’s TV Tower rises 314 metres into the Tallinn skyline. Its observation platform (set at 170 metres) offers spectacular views not only across the city but, on a clear day, across to Finland as well. The Botanic Garden is right next door, too.
Kadriorg Palace – A beautiful baroque palace and park built for Tsar Peter I in 1718, today it’s home to the Art Museum of Estonia’s foreign collection, containing a wealth of Western and Russian art.
Rotermann Quarter – The focal point of 21st-century Tallinn, the Rotermann Quarter contains some stunning modern architecture and embodies the resurgence of the city since the restoration of independence. It’s also great for shopping and cultural events.

Tallinn school trip images courtesy of the Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau.


Estonian History Museum – Set in the Old Town’s 15th-century Great Guild Hall, the museum presents an overview of Estonia’s history from prehistoric times’ right up to the end of the 20th century.
Kumu – Housed in a futuristic limestone, glass and copper building, Kumu (short for kunstimuuseum or art museum) plays host to the country’s largest collection of Estonian art.
Occupation Museum – Occupied first by the Nazis swiftly followed by nearly 50 years of Soviet rule, this museum interactively explores the conditions experienced by Estonians between 1940 and 1991, a period known as the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic.
KGB Museum – Set on the 23rd floor of the Hotel Viru, designated exclusively for foreign guests visiting the USSR.
Museum for Puppet Arts (NUKU) – Visitors get a behind-the-scenes look at the city’s famous puppet theatre, also high-tech museum. The museum outlines the theatre’s history and displays dozens of the puppets that have starred in its plays.
Seaplane Harbour – Housed in 100-year-old seaplane hangars in the Kalamaja district, you’ll find here a modern maritime and military museum. Highlights include the British-built Lembit submarine, used by the Estonian navy (under the Soviet flag) during World War II, and a full-scale replica of a Short Type 184, a British pre-World War II seaplane.
Energy Discovery Centre – Focusing on natural, technical and physical sciences, this interactive science centre offers permanent exhibits devoted to electricity, astronomy, energy, physics, sound and optics. Highlights include the island of lightning and the planetarium.
St Nicholas’ Church – Dating back to 1230, this church also serves as a museum of religious art, with some stunning altarpieces on display.
Estonian Open-Air Museum – Situated in Rocca al Mare on the shore of the Kopli Gulf, the Estonian Open-Air Museum occupies over 200 acres of forested land, amongst which you’ll find some 70 buildings detailing Estonia’s farming and agricultural history.
FK Centre – Offers paintball sessions and a 730-metre go-kart track.
Kalev SPA Water Park – Set on the edge of Old Town, this is Tallinn’s largest indoor water park, conveniently with three water slides, full-length pool, bubble baths and saunas.


Helsinki – A two-hour ferry ride across the Gulf of Finland, the Finnish capital offers a wide range of attractions and complements nicely time spent in Tallinn.

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