• science school trip to Geneva
    A day trip to CERN from Geneva is a memorable way to study science outside the classroom.
  • Geneva school trip
    Geneva is renowned as the worldwide capital of peace and diplomacy.
  • Geneva school trip
    Visit the UN's Palais des Nations on a Geneva school trip.
  • Geneva school trip
    Geneva caters for many different subjects, particularly citizenship, government & politics, science, and ICT.
  • ICT school trip to Geneva
    Geneva's ICT Discovery is a must for students of ICT.

It was great, as a teacher, to be able to stand back not worry about the finer points of directions or timing and instead enjoy conversations with the students about the different sites and visits. It was a fantastic trip and well organised.NW, Kingsdown School

Set on the shores of Lake Geneva (known locally as Lac Léman), Geneva is Switzerland’s second largest city after Zurich and is renowned not only as a centre for finance and the birthplace of watchmaking, but also as the worldwide capital of peace and diplomacy. Indeed, Geneva plays host to some 200 governmental and non-governmental organisations such as the World Trade Organisation, the International Red Cross Committee and serves as the European headquarters for the United Nations.

Beyond the big institutions, the historic Old Town – the biggest in Switzerland and in fact one of the largest in Europe – and the pristine lake make a Geneva school trip a most appealing option. Coupled with a wide range of direct flight options from the UK, it’s also a very easy city to get to.

Perfect for students of ICT, history, government & politics, Geneva is also a fabulous place to visit for future physicists, for a short distance outside the city is CERN, the European Council for Nuclear Research’s laboratory renowned for its research into particle physics and for its famous particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider.

Typical Accommodation

We work with a number of different hostels and 2*/3* hotels in and around this Swiss city. Please let us know your requirements and we will be happy to recommend suitable accommodation to suit your Geneva school trip itinerary and budget.

Geneva School Trip – Subject Suitability

All tours will be tailor made to suit each individual group, but here is a popular suggestion for a Geneva school trip:

Sample Itinerary – 3 Days by Air

Day 1 – Journey to the airport for your direct flight to Geneva. On arrival, transfer straight into the city and enjoy a guided tour of the Palais des Nations. If time permits, you could also visit the International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. At the end of the afternoon, head to your hotel for dinner and overnight accommodation.

Day 2 – Journey outside the city this morning to the French border where you’ll find CERN*. As well as a guided introduction to the history of the facility and a look at one of the operations centres, you can also tour the 27-metre-high illuminated sphere, the Globe of Science and Innovation, offering a layman’s introduction to particle physics though its permanent exhibition, the Universe of Particles. You’ll also have time to visit the Microcosm exhibiton, where you’ll find out what is happening at the Large Hadron Collider and meet the people who build and operate this incredible machine.

Back in Geneva, continue the science theme with a visit to the city’s History of Science Museum. Alternatively, why not enjoy a boat cruise across the lake to the town of Lausanne for a visit to the Olympic Museum.

*Tours of CERN must be booked directly by the group leader. Maximum group size is 24. Pupils must be aged 12 or over.

Day 3 – Last minute shopping and sightseeing perhaps, before the transfer to the airport for the flight back to the UK.

Travel Options

  • By Eurostar from London St Pancras, Ashford or Ebbsfleet International direct to Lille, with onward TGV Lyria train to Geneva (journey time 6 1/4 hours from London).
  • By air from London or selected regional airports direct to Geneva (flight time is less than two hours, depending on your departure destination).

Popular Visits & Excursions

Palais des Nations – Home to the UN since 1966, this is the largest UN building outside New York. A guided tour inside shows you the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilisations Room, the Council Chamber, the Assembly Hall and the Salle des Pas Perdus, from which you can see the Armillary Sphere and the monument commemorating the conquest of outer space.
Place des Nation – Situated in front of the Palais des Nations where you’ll find water jets, mosaics and the Broken Chair sculpture, symbolising the campaign against the use of landmines.
International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent – Discover 150 years of humanitarian history alongside details of current Red Cross and Red Crescent worldwide operations. The museum itself comprises three main areas: defending human dignity, restoring family links and reducing natural risks.
UNHCR Visitors Centre – Learn about the plight of refugees and displaced persons around the world and about UNHCR’s mandate and humanitarian action.
Jet d’Eau – Situated in Geneva’s harbour, this water jet spurts 500 litres of water per second at a speed of 200km per hour some 140 metres high.
Cathédrale St-Pierre – Dominating Geneva’s Old Town, the cathedral is symbolic of the Reformation movement. Climb the 157 steps to the top of the tower for some pretty special city views.
Reformation Wall – Geneva’s official monument to the leading figures of the Reformation movement, particularly John Calvin.
Maison Tavel – Situated in the Old Town, this is officially Geneva’s oldest house, dating back to the 12th century.
Philippe Patek Museum – Explores the history of one of Geneva’s premier watchmakers and displays a collection of antique watches dating back to the 16th century.
Cité du Temps – The top-floor exhibition is devoted to one of Switzerland’s foremost watchmakers and iconic brands, Swatch.
Jardin Anglais – Home to the fully working flower clock, comprising some 6,500 flowers.
Boat Cruise on Lake Geneva – See the sights of the city and its environs from a different angle with a cruise along the pristine waters of Lake Geneva.


History of Science Museum – Recounting Geneva’s scientific past, this museum showcases a collection of rare and ancient scientific instruments from the 17th to the 19th century, designed to help us to better understand the evolution of astronomy, microscopy, gnomonics, electricity and meteorology.
ICT Discovery (**currently closed for renovations**) – Follow the evolution of information and communication technologies from the earliest forms of communication through to the rapid pace of invention during the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.
Museum of Art & History – Switzerland’s third largest museum, its 650 exhibits bring together archaeological, applied art and fine arts collections.
MAMCO – Geneva’s museum of modern and contemporary art, with some 4,000 items on display.
International Museum of the Reformation – Housed in a beautiful 18th-century building, this museum recounts the history of the Reformation, one of the greatest religious movements in Christianity, as well as Geneva’s role therein.


CERN – Birthplace of the worldwide web, CERN is the European Council for Nuclear Research’s particle physics research laboratory and home to the particle accelerator known as the Large Hadron Collider.
Olympic Museum – Situated in Lausanne, official home to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), this interactive museum displays some 1,500 objects across three principal themes: the Olympic World, the Olympic Games and the Olympic Spirit.
Vevey – Set on the eastern edge of Lake Geneva, Vevey is renowned for its associations with Charlie Chaplin, who spent the last 25 years of his life here. It also plays host to the Alimentarium, a museum dedicated to all aspects of food and nutrition.
Bern – Slightly further afield but worth a visit all the same, the beautiful city of Bern (its Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is renowned for its links with Einstein and groups can visit both Einstein’s House and Museum here. For those interested in art meanwhile, it also plays host to the largest collection of works by the artist, Paul Klee.

Geneva school trip images © Genève Tourisme, CERN, ITU pictures.

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